GLA Initiation Program

Updated Saturday March 3, 2018 by Gloucester Minor Lacrosse Association.

The GLA Initiation-to-lacrosse programs are designed for 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds. The programs encourages children to be active and have fun while being taught basic lacrosse skills through a variety of drills and games. 

The initiation program focuses on developing the following skills:

  • Picking up loose balls from a stationary stance and on the move.
  • Passing from a stationary stance and on the run techniques
  • Catching from a stationary stance
  • Cradling the ball - stationary, walking, running and an introduction to the rotation of the wrist movement

Players in the initiation program are divided into the following age groups for the 2017 season:


Birth Year


Peanut (Soft Lacrosse)

2014 - 2015



2012 - 2013


Note: Peanut-aged players play "soft-lacrosse". There is no body contact allowed of any kind for the peanut-age group. Contact is introduced in the Paperweight category.


2018 Spring/Summer Peanut & Paperweight Program

The paperweight program will be run on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  The peanut program will be run on Saturday mornings.  Subject to registration (and volunteers) we will run the program at up to three different locations across the GLA territory (tentatively Navan, Armstrong and Leitrim) in order to reduce travel time for families.


The program will begin the week of May 7th, 2018


Note: The peanuts and paperweights practices are run separately.  We divide the arena floor into sections and run the paperweight program at one end and the peanuts at the other (going across the short length of the floor).




Peanut aged players require a CSA-approved helmet, lacrosse stick, shoulder pads, mouthguard, jock (or jill) and gloves.  The peanut age group is non-contact, however we also recommend kidney pads and slash guards for incidental contact and to have the players get used to full equipment.
Paperweight aged players require a CSA-approved helmet, lacrosse stick, shoulder pads, kidney guards, slash (or arm) guards, a mouthguard, jock (or jill) and gloves.